We provide the keys to a career with flexibility, job security, and a powerful earning potential.

  • You're hired!

    You're hired!

    • SCI’s job placement rate exceeds 95%.
    • Average income for court reporters is $64,000 a year across much of the country.
  • Love your job

    Love your job

    • Flexible Scheduling for Freelance Work.
    • Travel Opportunities.
    • Work Remotely from Home.
    • Professional Work Settings.
    • Lucrative Earning Power.
    • Job Security.
    • Independence and Prestige.
  • Career Fields

    Career Fields

    • Realtime reporting skills can put you in exciting career fields.
    • Closed Captioning, Mobile, Broadcast Captioning, Webcasting, Freelance Court Reporting, more possibilities.
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  • Rachel Gwidt

    Rachel Gwidt

    Rachel Gwidt graduates early and enjoys her booming court reporting career!

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  • Carolyn Crescio

    Carolyn Crescio

    Carolyn Crescio starts a thriving court reporting career after experiencing a downsizing in the fashion industry.

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  • Alison Gulino

    Alison Gulino

    Alison Gulino says goodbye to "No Overtime" and hello to earning her own income on her terms!

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  • Day Classes Start!

    Day Classes Start!

    Jun 08 2015

    Classes for both Court/Conference Reporting and Court Reporter Scoping programs start on June 8, 2015. To learn more or to apply for admission, please contact JoAnn Haberkorn a...

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  • Part-Time Classes Start!

    Part-Time Classes Start!

    Sep 14 2015

    StenoTech Career Institute is currently accepting registration of students for evening/Saturday classes for its Court/Conference Reporting and Court Reporter Scoping programs. Pa...

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About StenoTech Career Institute

StenoTech Career Institute is New Jersey's premier accredited training facility for careers in court and conference reporting, broadcast captioning, CART, closed captioning, webcasting, and court reporter scoping. For the past 24 years, we have been placing our students in careers that offer flexibility, job security, and great pay. With campus in Piscataway, NJ, StenoTech provides training to students from Sussex County to Ocean County, from eastern Pennsylvania, and from Rockland and Orange counties in New York to Manhattan and Staten Island.

Our programs will teach you the art of capturing the spoken word in "realtime" so participants can immediately view them on a screen. Our students also learn how to produce a professional transcript of the proceedings they report on their stenowriters.

Today’s court reporters have amazing careers and use their skills in many places outside of the traditional courtroom -- from the boardroom to the classroom, from live theater to working from home, where they might caption the Olympics or report a telephonic deposition or provide captions for an Internet site. A career as a court reporter puts you on the cutting edge of a digital era in an industry where there are more jobs than reporters to fill them. StenoTech's job placement rate is over 95%, with graduates often signed with an agency or job before their last day of school.

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