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StenoTech Career Institute (SCI) was established in September 1989 to set a new standard of excellence for education in the field of court reporting.  Its founder, Jean Melone, a New Jersey certified reporter, recognized the need for a comprehensive training program to meet changing industry standards.  She chose the name StenoTech to reflect the industry’s transition into computerized court reporting in the 1980s, as stenotype (traditional machine shorthand) embraced information technology and evolved into what is now referred to as realtime reporting.  

As SCI begins its 25th year of operation during the 2013-14 school year, the institution maintains a leadership role in the industry as New Jersey’s only nationally accredited and NCRA certified school for court reporting studies.  StenoTech opens doors for its graduates into the exciting career fields of official court reporting, freelance reporting, realtime reporting, communications access realtime translation (CART), broadcast and internet captioning, and court reporter scoping.  Stenographic skills translate into a multitude of career options and there is strong marketplace demand, making court reporting an excellent career choice with a bright future.

Why Choose StenoTech?

With an education from StenoTech, students are able to begin professional, well-paid careers as court reporters without the need of a traditional four-year college degree.  All courses are career-focused and taught by certified reporting instructors with many years of relevant educational and professional experience.  The comprehensive court reporting program includes all areas of study required for certification and licensing.  Students are trained using industry-standard equipment and software, and they complete an internship program that allows them to use their skills while sitting in with working reporters.  

Furthermore, graduates of StenoTech can enter the job market knowing their skills are in demand. Throughout the school’s history, approximately 95 percent of program completers have been successfully placed in the field as freelance reporters, official reporters, CART providers, scopists, and transcriptionists.

Court reporting offers both great pay and flexibility, making it consistently ranked as one of the top career choices, including by Forbes as one of its Top 10 Best Jobs in 2012.

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